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Getting started

What is SignalZen?

It's a tool for providing online Customer Support. SignalZen support 2 channels for incoming chats

  • Live Chat - you can install our Live Chat widget on your website
  • Email - you can automatically forward your Customer Support email content to SignalZen

Both of the channels create chat sessions on SignalZen side. Your team can be involved into answering and managing chat sessions in multiple ways:

  • By using Slack
  • By using Microsoft Teams
  • By using Console.
  • By using Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

SignalZen value proposal is allowing for teams to use their internal communication tool for dealing with Customer Support matters from the same platform (Slack or MS Teams).

Sign up

Get started by creating a new account on the Console.

If you are going to use just Email integration, you can enter your business name instead of website URL in the sign up form.

Further steps

Once you have the account, the next step is to go to the Integration page on the Console (left side menu) and start Integration wizards such as for Slack, MS Teams, Email or Live Chat widget. You do not need to complete all of them, just relevant ones for yourself.