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SignalZen enables your Customer Support mailbox to work from SignalZen. You can use the Email integration wizard on the Console for configuration of your email integration setup.


  • Answer to Live Chats and your CS mailbox from unified interface (Console, Slack, MS Teams or mobile apps)
  • Once the email conversation is over, close the chat and the recipient will get Rating email where he/she will be able to rate your CS service
  • Use templates (located on the Console) for casual and rating emails
  • See status of emails and retry sending them if they bounce, return or other issue happens
  • Send multiple messages and use a button from the interface to send a single bulk messages email
  • Receive and send multiple files attached to email


There are 2 types of templates that you need to edit for fully white-label email solution:

  • Casual email template - it contains header, content (messages list) and footer
  • Rating email template - it contains header, content (link to rating page) and footer

Templates are using variables that you need to keep in the templates to support operations. For instance, there is a variable of messages list, operator name that performs the sending of email, website name and so on.

Other fields

You can customise emails "From" name and default email subject.


Emails can be also sent with new messages from operators when a visitor disconnects from a chat. In this case, we can detect the language of a Live Chat user and send templates with other fields ("From" name, email subject) to the visitor translated to their native language.

So yes, you can translate your email templates and other fields because email integration supports multilingual feature.